Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long time no entry

I feel bad that I sort of abandoned this blog, but I'm back and have lots of news about Disney College Program stuff!!

For awhile I was going through a rough patch with all this stuff, trying to figure out what classes I could take through e-learning with my college so I could be a full time student and stay on my parents health insurance, but now all of that is figured out! I am going to take math, survey 2 (art history) and an english elective. It will kind of suck to be taking classes while at Disney World, but if it's the only way I can do the program than I will do it. I will only be taking classes from mid september until mid november so it really isn't even that long.

On January 20th I filled out the online application and passed! Which I was getting kind of freaked out about because there were people who didn't pass it! :-/
When I did the survey I just went with my gut instinct on the questions and tried to be honest with myself.
and I passed! after 4 hours of trying to fill it out and having to fill it out multiple times (because I accidentally clicked out of it) I completed it!

The next day I called right after my 8 am drawing class to schedule the phone interview. My time was 11:00 am on Monday the 25th.

It didn't hit me until Monday morning that I was doing an interview. I took an hour and tried to prepare the best I could for it mainly by writing down an answer to the question they always ask: Why do you want to work for Disney?

About 20 or so minutes before my interview I went to my car so I could do the interview there because I wanted a quiet space to myself. A few minutes after 11 my phone started ringing with a Blocked number. I answered it knowing it was someone calling to interview me.

I thought my interview went pretty well! One of the first questions she asked me (I don't remember her name) was why I wanted to do this program with Disney as opposed to another internship. I said how I have always loved Disney and that it is my dream to be a Disney animator. This made my interview go "awww" and she said "yea, I see on your application that your major is animation"

Then she pointed out how I had only checked 3 roles (QSFB, Attractions, and merchandise) and asked if these were the only 3 roles I was willing to do or just my top picks. I told her they were just my top picks and that I would be willing to do other roles if it was the only way I could participate in the program. She then went through all the other roles and asked which ones I would be willing to do. I added main gate operations, transportation, and concierge to my list.

She asked me about my prior work experience and I told her that I have never had a job per say, but that I have done a lot of volunteer work. I then went into specifics about the work I have done and she seemed impressed with it. All of the work I have done has been with children which I think is a good thing because at Disney you interact with a lot of kids and families.

Another question she asked me was about dealing with roommates. I said how I was fine living with roommates and how we would most likely get along because we all will share a love for Disney. She asked if I had roommates and I told her how I have two roommates and how we get along great and do everything together.

Then we talked about my top roles. I told her how my top role was attractions and then merchandise and QSFB were tied for second. She asked me if I had ever handled money before and I said not really, but that I was good with math.

I really pushed for attractions though. She asked if I would rather work indoors or outdoors and I said indoors (it is still hot in August) but that I would work outdoors if I could do attractions. I suggested maybe that I could work at Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean. She then asked if I worked at Pirates if I was comfortable with public speaking and I told her I had taken a public speaking course last quarter at school, but that although I COULD act and talk in a piratey voice while working at Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe I would be better working somewhere like Splash Mountain (where you just load people onto the ride)

She then was like "you must be familiar with Disney World and all it has to offer because you are naming specific attractions" and I told her that I go to Disney World at least once a year.

After this the interview was over. It lasted 18 minutes and I think it went pretty well....
now I must wait and see if I get in. I keep playing the phone interview over and over in my head and thinking of how I could have done it differently etc. etc.

It has only been 3 days since the interview and I'm so anxious to know whether I'm in or out!

I'm really hoping this works out!!