Friday, November 27, 2009


I am no stranger to blogging/vlogging/twittering/etc.

for all these things you must start out with some sort of intro, so here I go :-)

My name is Kate and I live in Savannah, GA

Home to a lot of historic buildings...

and also the place where they shot "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus last summer!

There is an insight into how my mind works right there...
the most interesting thing about Savannah to me is that they shot a Disney movie here
with Miley Cyrus who I'm going to see in concert in Atlanta this Sunday!

basically I am THAT Disney kid

I have been to Disney World at least once a year since I was 3 (for a total of about 22 times, I have kind of lost count)
My favorite movie of ALL time is the Lion King
My movie collection is 99% Disney movies
I have quite a large collection of Disney stuff in my room (mainly just junky stuff like old McDonalds toys and other small objects)
I just realized that I'm watched Disney Channel right now (in other words, it's always on my tv)
My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers (who have their own show on Disney Channel and are signed to Hollywood Records, owned by Disney) who I have seen 10 times in concert and met last summer in Atlanta because I won a contest through my local radio for having the best Jonas room (my room is kind of scary, I don't deny it!)
One of the highlights of my day today was when my mom found some old Disney park maps and a packet of stuff from when we stayed at the Grand Floridian back in 97

I could go on and on about my level of Disney obsessedness

but I will stop there...

for now ;-)

I am a freshman at the Savannah College of Art and Design aka SCAD
so I didn't go very far to go to college...
only about 20 or so minutes away from my house
so the Disney College Program is going to be my first time ever leaving my house for a significant period of time... kind of weird...
but I don't think there is a better place to do it than what I consider my second home: Walt Disney World

where I hope to meet a lot of new friends!
some of whom I hope share my Disney love :-)

I am attending SCAD as an animation major
In hopes that when I graduate I can get a job as an animator for Disney!
I would LOVE to do 2D animation (I'm beyond excited for the Princess and the Frog, December 11th!! go see it! it is going to be amazing!!)
but I also want to learn how to do CGI stuff (love love Meet the Robinsons and Bolt)
and I love Pixar as well!
I also really really want to do voice acting!
I mean, how cool would it be to be the voice of a Disney character? then it is sort of like having your own personal Disney character!
and maybe dabble in some ride design

basically I want to do it all!

and I feel like the Disney College Program is the first step in my hopeful future career with the Disney Company.
I'm not too picky when it comes to what role I want to do...
hopefully working on one of the rides or in a gift shop
food service would be good too!
I was staying at the Wilderness Lodge one summer and have this memory of a bunch of what looked like college programmers working in the kitchen, goofing off, and having a great time!

basically, as long as I'm down at Disney, I will be happy :-)

I really hope it works out for me to do this program this Fall! I have been going back and forth with my parents trying to decide whether to do it Fall 2010 or Spring 2010... they are leaning towards Fall 2010 right now, which is also what I want! because I want to do it asap!

because let's see:

I will be at Disney World
with a bunch of kids my age
earning money
eating Disney food whenever I want (that's a big plus, looooove disney food!)
and I will have free theme park admission!
meaning I'm going to be in the parks alllll the time ;-)

and when I'm not in the parks I will still be hanging out with a bunch of other cool college programmers! which is what I want, to make bunches of new friends that will last a lifetime!

I really need to start looking into this more! I mean, I have looked into it a lot, I have wanted to do this program for 2 years now? something like that
and I went to a presentation for it in Statesboro
where I won a Disney College Program pin for answering one of the trivia questions correctly
I have watched the e presentation
and decided when I want to go...
I just need to further decide what rolls I'm going to try for
and which of the places I want to live in
and how this is going to work out with my class schedule and stuff... that's the big issue

can't forget that little piece! I haven't been accepted yet! I shouldn't get so ahead of myself

I'm going to get on this tomorrow! or rather... today because it's 12:08am

I will leave with a Walt Disney quote:

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

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