Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not really any new news

I don't have much news...

I just kind of wanted to update anyway :-)

As days go by I'm getting more and more excited about maybe being able to do the Disney College Program this Fall.

This excitement is coming from MAYBE being able to do the program. I can only imagine how excited I will be if and when I work this out with my school and my parents and if I get accepted.

On another Disney note though:

Tomorrow I'm going to see Miley Cyrus in Atlanta!!

Even though I'm 19 I still love her. Her music is just upbeat and catchy and I love singing along and trying to make my voice sound like hers.

Also! and I may be even more excited about this than the actual concert...

I might be going to a Disney store tomorrow! It is 28 minutes away from the Philips Arena and since my mom and I aren't staying in a hotel tomorrow we need something to do between the time we get to Atlanta and the time the concert starts!

We used to have a Disney store where I live (Savannah), but sadly it closed years ago. As a kid I would go there every time I went to the mall and look at all the Disney stuffed animals in the pit and try and convince my parents to buy me something (which sometimes I succeeded at). ;-) Purchases I remember making (some of the stuff I still have) include:

A Cinderella flip book
A Flubber plastic figurine with green goo inside him
Stuffed animals of the mice from Cinderella
A pluto glass figurine
Glass figurines of Mrs. Potts and Chip
Stuffed Timon

and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff too that I no longer have :-(

I love going to Disney stores now because they all pretty much look the same as the one that used to be in Savannah and it brings back so many good memories from when I used to go there as a kid.

so hopefully I will get to make a visit to the Disney store tomorrow :-)

and hopefully I will get to do the college program in Fall of 2010!

it will be like being at the Disney Store everyday! except better because it's Disney World!

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