Sunday, December 6, 2009

E-mail fail

A couple of days ago I tried to e-mail the person at my school to ask all the questions I needed to ask about doing the Disney College program, such as:

how would rooming work when I get back to college?
would it be better to do it in the fall or spring? (I really don't care about the answer to this question because I want to do it in the fall really badly, lol)
would I be back at college in time for when winter quarter starts?

etc. etc.

So I typed out this looooong email, sent it, only for it to be sent back to me :-(

Basically I'm back at square 1 not knowing how any of this is going to work out...

but it will work out! I have a good feeling about it :-)

Yesterday I was thinking and realized that if the Jonas Brothers were in the Disney Christmas Parade next year (like they have been for 2 years in a row) I will be in Disney World when it is filmed! However... I will probably be working... but maybe not! this is just wishful thinking on my part, but you never know!

Also, for the past couple of days I have been watching Disney animated films I have never seen before. So far I have watched:

The Black Cauldron
Home on the Range
Treasure Planet

and right now I'm in the process of watching "The Great Mouse Detective"

strange I have never seen any of these films before... but better late than never!
and hopefully someday I will be animating Disney films :-)

oh! and this morning I watched this special that was on abc called "Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Disney Animation"
Basically it was celebrities talking about their favorite moments from Disney animated movies and then also talking about the newest Disney 2D animated film: The Princess and the Frog

is it lame that it made me cry? I just want to work for Disney so badly! especially as an animator. Whenever I watch something like this, or like when I watched the extras on my Lion King DVD about how they made the movie it inspires me because I hope that it is me someday talking about how I animated some classic Disney film.

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